Why USDA Certified Organic are so Important, Yet Hard to Find

Why USDA Certified Organic are so Important, Yet Hard to Find


Why Choose Genuine Organic Skin Care Products?

There are many wonderful, holistic reasons to choose the best organic skin care products. The reasons range from wanting to reduce the number of chemicals on your skin, improve your health, and fix issues with skin sensitivity. Or, you might want to choose organic just based on personal principles.

The problem facing most consumers wanting to purchase certified organic skin care products (rather than those just making “organic” claims), is that a standard for the certification and labeling of natural care products is not available.

What about Certified Organic Skin Care Products that are Certified by the USDA?

Currently, in the USA, the only certification entity available for organic skin care products is a general food standard. This requires 95% of all ingredients, other than the water component, to be certified organic. Water generally makes up to 70% of the total ingredients in many skin care creams.

Therefore, 95% of the remaining 30% of ingredients need to be certified organic.

Currently, many skin care products with over 50% organic ingredients cannot be certified and are not recognized as certified organic, even though they have been manufactured by passionate organic supporters to the highest organic standards.

Essentially, to make a cream for skin, there are two main components (oil and water) that need to be blended. A synthetic emulsifier is used to blend the oil and water components. Emulsifiers can make up to 20% of an ingredient mix other than water. Hence, the catch-22 is that to make a cream that really penetrates and moisturizes the deep layers of the skin with beautiful organic vegetable oil and essential oils, you need a synthetic emulsifier.

Organic Skin Care Products: So What Can You Do?

Organic skin care products produced and sold with integrity by passionate manufacturers aim to be free from chemicals such as parabens, formaldehyde, petrochemicals, etc. and made from as many natural and certified organic ingredients as possible. It is always best to choose beauty products that are organic.

Investigate – Read the philosophy behind the products you buy, choosing ethical and passionate companies that stick to their principles.

Look for products that don’t include parabens, petrochemicals, sulfates, or synthetic fragrances, and clearly list the organic ingredients such as essential oils and vegetable oils.

Many (and most overseas) manufacturers are not compelled to disclose the percentage of organic ingredients in their products. The word "organic" is not protected by any law and its use in terms of marketing claims is not regulated. Often these other so-called organic products, contain a very low percentage of organic ingredients and have many chemical additives, which are neither good for you nor your skin, not to mention that they are often ineffective.

Be aware – For consumers, it is a matter of instinct, trust, and trying different creams to know what is best for you. Choose beauty products that are certified organic.

Oui Organique chooses the finest certified organic ingredients and maintains strict standards to ensure that they keep the highest ratio of Herb concentrates so that all products can play a super functional role in taking care of your skin's needs.


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