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Burdock Root

About Burdock Root

Burdock root is a vegetable and has been used for decades, for medicinal purposes. It has the ability to treat a number of conditions primarily associated with detoxification and purification. Hence organic skin care brand has been using it as a key ingredient in their products.

Benefits of Burdock Root for both Body and Skin Include

  • Burdock contains powerful antioxidants such as phenolic acids, luteolin and quercetin as well as essential minerals: Iron,Magniesiim,Manganese,Selenium Zinc,Calcium.The antioxidants also found in burdock root helps to fight the effects of free radicals. These free radicals are chemicals present in the human body that damage the cells of the body. Through this way burdock root prevents and treats the problem of ageing also, promoting smoother and nicer looking skin.
  • Anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties have strong ability to detoxify blood and knack for improving circulation, It’s been used to treat acne, eczema and psoriasis .Burdock roots have the ability to kill streptococcus bacteria, which is known to infest cracked skin. Also, it serves as a protectant against fungal imbalances such as candida. Boiled burdock root was used in past to enhance the complexion of skin also.
  • In fact, a 2008 study found that the use of burdock extract led to visible wrinkle reduction. It also significantly improved the metabolism of external skin layers, creating a powerful anti-aging effect.
  • Burdock root serves as a traditional medical source to conditions like cancers, stomach ailments, colds and rheumatism. A healthy internal system promotes healthier looking skin, thus burdock root is great for skin.
  • Moreover, burdock roots is known to be good for hair also. Due to the presence of vitamin A and essential fatty acids, application of its oil helps in strengthening the hair, along with deeply nourishing the scalp. It can effectively treat scalp related problems like dandruff, redness, itchy scalp and scalp infection
  • Burdock roots are a great source of protecting liver. It promotes the production of bile, which assists the body to excrete waste products present in the blood. This detoxifying effect is what improves the functionality of liver. An efficiently working liver is essential for a healthy body and a healthy skin since it is responsible for cleaning wastes and toxins from the blood.
  • Burdock roots also are good for boosting immunity. A stronger defense system of the body prevents various medical conditions. Hence, stronger immune system makes both the skin and body healthy looking

      Keeping in mind all the above-mentioned benefits of burdock roots, it is no surprise that organic skin care brand uses it as a key ingredient for their products. It is used in facial cleansers, makeup removers and day creams to give your skin natural and organic nourishment that it deserves. A mutual aspect of all the key ingredients used by this brand is that all provide benefits for not only the skin but also are great for promoting the overall health of the body. It is because of this reason that people are encouraged to buy products sold under the name of this brand. Organic skin care brands aim to satisfy the consumers from all ways possible and will continue to do so, by choosing only the best.

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