Organic skin care OUI ORGANQIUE uses Geranium as its key ingredient. Benefits associated with this ingredient for both the body and skin are immense. This oil is extracted from the leaves, stems, and flowers of the plant and is considered non-sensitizing, non-irritant and non-toxic. It has a sweet smell and also is known for its soothing effects.

Some of the Many Benefits of Geranium Include

  • Antiseptic Properties,also anti bacterial and anti fungal. This helps in keeping the skin away from infections
  • The anti microbial qualities to boost the immunity levels of cells .
  • Enhancing Metabolism, The cytophyactic properties will well boosted to the metabolism and restore new cells and flush out the dead or damaged cells
  • It can be used as a natural deodorant that can eliminating body odors and making your body smell nice and fresh all day long.
  • anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, it is found to be effective for acne, dermatitis and other skin problems.
  • It is known to be effective in lightening the blemishes and scars including dark marks and age spots if formed a part of the night care regime.
  • Geranium oil provides nourishment to the scalp and promotes hair growth. It is known as a perfect treatment to both dry damaged and oily dandruff. It can also be used as a nice scent for the hair.
  • Geranium oil is considered essential for balancing hormone levels, circulation of blood, dental health, menopause, and reduction of blood pressure. All the issues that geranium oil addresses, results in better skin health. With internal system strong and functioning well, skin health automatically takes a positive shift.
    Due to a number of therapeutic properties associated with this Geranium oil, organic skin care OUI ORGANIQUE has chosen geranium as their key ingredient. OUR brand cares for its consumers and provides them with the best by having detailed studies on what may bring the greatest amount of benefits for not just the skin but body also.

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