Oui Organique – About Our Brand and Founder



Our most beautiful healthy self is like a picture that sings out from the skin.”

"It is not about selling a product ,It is all about delivering a Healthy ,Beautiful ,Happy  lifestyle ...."

– Yandan


Oui Organique's founder Yandan believes in the ultimate beauty of nature. She began her career as a clinical practicing doctor, helping her patients heal and connect with a healthier and happier lifestyle. Her experience in her practice gave her a uniquely personal insight into the power that comes from strong inner health and well-being.

       “People have good intentions about their own health but they don't always understand which habits are healthy and which ones are unhealthy.

       The skin is the largest organ of human ,and most of skin are exposed to anything that could touch , The skin can certainly absorb toxins that can damage your inner health;

         taking care of your inner health is just as important as taking care of your skin.” 

In just a handful of generations, our world has evolved into something enormously complex and different, in a personal health context. Pollution, toxins, stress, artificial lights, unhealthy foods – the small decisions each of us makes today affect our health tomorrow and throughout the future.
Yan understood that more informed and effective self-care could help prevent many of the chronic illnesses and sicknesses she treated daily. Her mission as a doctor was to change lives for the better... however now she saw an opportunity to fix the causes rather than the symptoms.


“No other aspect of personal health is as visible as your skin's health.”

 Your skin's health is always a work in progress, whether you manage chronic dryness and age-related spots, or just the occasional acne and blemishes. And when your skin is looking challenged, it's hard to feel your best or your most confident.

That's where Oui Organique comes in. We know the challenges your skin has to overcome to look its best. Yan taught us how improved inner health can lead to a happier, healthier and more beautiful outer appearance. Skin care and makeup products from Oui Organique can be part of a transformative lifestyle that embraces the benefits of organic living.

        At Oui Organique, sustainable skincare is our passion. We care deeply about our customers.

we’re happy to offer our customers  a professional-standard product that  drastically improving long-term skin health. You can rest assured that we don’t cut any corners.

All ingredients are ethically sourced and USDA certified organic from the finest elements on Earth. On top of that, we double check every product batch for quality assurance before it leaves our facilities.

Our unique formula is packed to the brim with holistic herbs and plants that your skin will love. Each gift of nature targets a different skin concern. This isn’t a regular Skin care products, OUI ORGANIQUE  is USDA certified organic which means 95% of the ingredients inside of our bottles are organic with real plant extract-- not just water-- to provide rich benefits to the skin ,

Our formula is inspired by the latest science in skincare technology.

Oui Organique is USDA certified organic and free from parabens, sulfates, petroleum, fragrances and dyes. Cruelty free ,No animal test ,vegan, and all natural .All oils are cold-pressed, so they retain their full strength of benefits to protect your skin from toxins and strengthen inner health.

Join Oui Organique and join a growing movement that is realizing the power and beauty of nature.