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Shiitake Mushroom

Chemical based skin care products are too abrasive and often do more harm than good. Nature offers us pure and thus best ways for nourishing and pampering the skin and body. Organic skin care brand OUI ORGANIQUE chooses all of its key ingredients that are natural and are directly taken from nature as they care equally about safety and promising results. Which is why the results produced are very satisfying and effective. People buy products from this brand because of this exact reason.

Benefits of Shiitake Mushroom

Shiitake Mushroom is one of the key ingredients used by our  organic skin care brand OUI ORGNAIQUE that has many benefits attached to it, which include:

If you have mature, dry skin with fine lines and wrinkles irritated, sensitive skin, acne-prone or oily skin, sun-damaged skin or hyper-pigmentation

    • Offers Younger Looking Skin :Shiitake Mushroom is a rich source of Kojic acid which is the natural hydroquinone substitute, This acid helps the skin in multiple ways like helps promote skin brightness, fade sunspots and also effectively deals with acne scars:
    • Treats Skin Inflammatory Conditions :Anti-inflammatory properties associated with Shiitake help in improving vitality and perpetuate the growth of renewal elements of the skin along with increasing the elasticity of the skin which could effectively help preventing delicate skin around of your eyes from  crow's feet , This results in the formation of newer and fresher foundation of skin that is much healthier and smoother looking

    Anti-inflammatory condition including acne, eczema, and rosacea are also eased by this ingredient

  • The visual appeal of the skin can also be improved or enhanced by direct usage of Shiitake mushroom on the skin. Moreover, its properties have the potential to delay aging and keeping the skin radiant and younger looking for a longer period of time
  • Anti-inflammatory condition including acne, eczema, and rosacea are also eased by this ingredient
  • Shiitake mushroom apart from carrying many benefits for the skin has also proven benefits for the overall body. It enhances or boosts the immune system, which in turn helps to fight many infections and disorders. A healthier system within the body always reflects on the skin outside, therefore to keep the outward look fresh and healthy, it is essential to use products that promote a healthier system within also
  • Shiitake mushroom also can ease and prevent iron deficiency, which can lead to fatigue and anemia. Also in some cases, such deficiencies may even give birth to increased stress levels. Stress is commonly known to aggravate acne and hence it is important that much attention is paid to such problems in order to avoid getting stuck into more complex situations
  • Shiitake mushroom is a great source of energy and is extremely good for hair health, and supports a good digestive system.

Hence, Shiitake mushroom can be beneficial for the body and the skin in various ways. One product and numerous benefits for the skin and body make this key ingredient special. All key ingredients chosen by organic skin care brand run parallel to each other in terms of benefits as all result in many benefits brought by the usage of one product. Organic skin care brand uses this ingredient in their moisturizers, creams, makeup remover, and even eye creams to optimize your beauty regime. People buy these products because the brand pays much attention to the aspect of the benefit derived.

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