Certified Organic Rejuvenating Night cream calendula Hydrate Anti-aging Repair |Calendula flower


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  • USDA certified organic
  • Repair
  • Soothe
  • Revitalize
  • Brighten

A Beauty Sleep Elixir You'll Love
Anti-aging, skin-cell repair 

Healthy skin is the foundation of skin that looks and feels beautiful. This all-purpose night cream is a blend of a dozen natural oils and nourishing ingredients – including potent antioxidant herbs Calendula flower(restorative properties, deeply hydrates, regenerates cells, and speeds the healing process) and Hawthorn berry that rejuvenates and repairs cells while you sleep to help visibly brighten skin, relieve irritation and fight signs of aging.

 Enjoy healthy skin that is delightfully softer and appears more youthful. Our ideal formulation locks in moisture for hours, without clogging pores. Soothe, heal, and revitalize, with only organic ingredients you can trust. Made in the USA.

Pure + Natural Nighttime Moisturizer Suitable for All Skin Types
​​​​​​​Anti-aging, skin-repairing formula

Non-toxic organic beauty to replenish your youth:


  • 100% natural, USDA-certified organic
  • NO retinyl palmitate or retinol
  • NO phthalates, parabens, or sulfates
  • NO petroleum-based ingredients
  • NO silk protein, fibroin, glycoproteins, or sericin
  • NO fragrances, dyes, or propylene glycol
  • NO gluten, dairy, soy, corn, or GMO ingredients
  • Oils are hexane free, cold-pressed, non-refined, non-deodorized
  • Cruelty-free & vegan approved


Say goodbye to artificial, and believe in the power of Nature to transform, refresh & renew your skin.

How to Use this NightTime Moisturizer

Apply a small amount to your face before bedtime and rub gently until completely absorbed into the skin.

(Note: Natural product subject to emulsion separation. In case separation occurs, stir before application).


Organic olive oil, purified water, organic carnauba wax (plant-based), organic argan oil, organic rosehip oil, organic lavender oil, organic jojoba oil, potassium carbonate (natural earth mineral), organic benzoin oil (plant-based), organic ylang ylang oil, organic calendula flowers, organic hawthorn berry, organic sage herb.

How to use

  • Clean your face
  • Place the sheet mask in a small bowl
  • Soak this sheet mask into OUI ORGANIQUE Certified Organic pH Balancing Facial Toner, or Rejuvenating serum, or your own liquid facial recipe.
  • Wait till fully expanded
  • Ready to use