Calendula is an herbal plant commonly known as Marigold. Its flowers have medicinal properties. Along with this, the plant is also rich in other anti-inflammatory properties that help to heal skin cuts and wounds naturally. Organic skin care OUI ORGANIQUE  uses Calendula as its key ingredient because of its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that promote fast healing and promote regeneration of skin.

Some of the many benefits of Calendula for skin and body are:

  • Strong restorative properties, deeply hydrates the skin thus negating the dry skin problem along with the premature skin aging. Not only does it give the skin a fresh hydrated look but also makes the skin look younger and suppler. Moreover, the herbal oil can prove to be very beneficial for under-eye puffiness and can also be used to safely treat the rash.
  • Cell Regeneration: Active ingredients like iodine, carotene and manganese promote skin generation and fasten the healing process.
  • Calendula is ideal for healing irritated and wounded skin. Its anti-inflammatory properties help to cure multiple skin conditions like rashes, minor cuts, wounds, and Also, application of this herb on dried or chapped lips results in softer and smoother skin instantly
  • Presence of antibacterial properties in calendula helps immensely in preventing acne because it deeply clears all the bacteria in the skin pores, which are a common reason for the acne outbreak
  • Calendula oil has the ability to deeply nourish the skin and is great for retaining the skin moisture also, because of which application of its oil gives a younger-looking healthy glow. Also, this oil is great for reducing the appearance of old scars and curing bruises or postoperative injuries
  • Calendula contains in it antifungal properties These make calendula a perfect ingredient for curing infections like ringworm and athlete’s foot
  • Calendula is an extremely beneficial product for hair also. Its oil helps in hydrating the scalp and thus getting rid of dandruff. Regular application of calendula oil may also result in the permanent disappearance of dandruff and hair fall because one of the major reasons of hair fall is dandruff.
  • It is also used for maintaining good oral health. Calendula tea can serve as a good source of mouth wash and hence gargling with it results in healing various mouth-related problems or disorders like gingivitis.

    As mentioned above, there are many benefits that the usage of calendula may bring, which is why organic skin care OUI ORGANQIUE uses it as its key ingredients. There are very few products that can not only promise healthy functioning of the internal system and oral hygiene but can also do wonders to the skin and body. Due to the rejuvenating properties of its flowers, it is used as the main ingredient in night creams, moisturizers, and even eye creams. One of the main reasons why people buy products from organic skin care brand is that it studies thoroughly about the benefits of its key ingredients and moreover ensures that they prove to be beneficial for the human body in all ways.

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