Common Mistakes While Removing Makeup- Wise Ways to Remove Makeup

Common Mistakes While Removing Makeup- Wise Ways to Remove Makeup

  1. Removing makeup with a face wash

Cosmetic products contain many chemicals such as fragrances and dyes, alcohols, acrylics (plastic), parabens, silicones, lead, as well as tons of unpronounceable compounds in order to be formulated as long-lasting, budge-proof, and often waterproof. Face wash is not designed to remove such stubborn substances and can’t do this job.

  1. Using face wipes to remove makeup

You may be thinking, “Yes, I know how important it is to remove my makeup. That’s what makeup wipes are for.”

Make up wipes might be convenient but they’re made with cleansing agents that are toxic for your skin. Beyond cleansing agents, the cloths also have preservatives that make them shelf-stable.  Both the cleansing agents and the preservatives  in leading brands) break down our healthy skin cells, making us more susceptible to sun damage, premature wrinkles, and congested pores.

There’s also the issue that makeup wipes probably won’t remove all your makeup, but could cause over-exfoliation of your skin. Besides, wipes put a toll on the environment.

OUIORGANIQUE doesn’t recommend this lazy way to remove makeup!

Read more about the inefficiencies of makeup wipes here.


  1. Using oil-based or water-based remover only

If you took chemistry in high school, you might have learned that water and oil don’t mix. Rather, oil attracts oil. That’s why oil-based removers do an excellent job to take away dirt, debris, and makeup, but the molecular size of oil might clog the skin and only recommended for those with sensitive, dry skin, and not for people with oily skin.

Water-based cleansing agents use a surfactant to rinse off dirt, but might not be able to remove stubborn products completely. So the best trending way is called the double cleansing method, which integrates both oil-based and water-based formulas into one makeup remover routine. This method is sure remove all traces of makeup and sunscreen at the end of the day without clogging your skin

Oui Organique’s signature makeup remover is formulated as oil-based in the double cleanse method, and effectively removes makeup. It gets the job done while delivering the replenishment and hydration your skin needs.

Our scientists conducted many product trials before finding the perfect recipe for a nurtured,

glowing complexion. We are proud to say that we use only the finest ingredients in nature. All of our oils are ethically sourced and USDA certified organic. They’re cold-pressed, so they retain their full potency of vitamins and antioxidants.

 Organic olive oil -a skincare staple that has been used for centuries is great for breaking down waxy substances like waterproof mascara, and can lift off oil-soluble residues (like eye makeup and sebum) around the skin. With the added benefits of antioxidants and hydration, olive oil contains a combination of powerful vitamins that are essential for skin health.

  The list of skin-aiding substances goes on. Organic green tea is another main ingredient that acts as an exfoliator to remove excess oil pollutants. 

Some of Nature's most nourishing essential oils, like organic sweet orange, geranium, and bergamot oils, melts away makeup and leave your face feeling crystal clear, soft, and refreshed.

Our formula is 100% non-comedogenic, meaning it won’t clog pores, so lather it generously to remove all impurities. What will be revealed is soft, supple skin that’s prepped for cleansing.


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