Our Credo

                     Oui Organique What We Stand For (credo)


We believe our most important responsibility is to promote health and happiness for the lives we touch, for ourselves and our families, our partners, and our customers. Well-being and satisfaction are among the greatest gifts we can give to those we care for and it inspires and empowers their capability to pursue love, fulfillment, and success.

Responsibility means we devote our work to sourcing the highest quality natural ingredients and respecting the power and quality of those ingredients by using only certified, tested, and safe production techniques and facilities.

We believe continued innovation plays an important role in selecting and maintaining those techniques and facilities, including using unique scientific formulations for our products.

We also believe that aside from the products themselves, supporting the health of the Earth by using eco-friendly packaging and allowing product refills when possible is one way to be responsible to the community and environment, which is central to how we manufacture and package our products.

Our responsibilities extend to the economic welfare of our customers and stockholders.

We believe in fair pricing for our customers, value, and accountability to our shareholders and partners.