Your Beloved Makeup Wipes Are Harming Your Skin- Using Cleansing Oils Instead

Makeup Wipes Vs. Cleansing Oils

Recent studies by leading scientists have revealed the detrimental effects caused by abrasive skincare products. Over time, the continued use of synthetic chemicals permanently breaks down our healthy skin cells.-

Natural Face Cleanser in USA

As we age, we must honor our skin by giving it the nutrition it desperately thirsts for. Our faces are quite delicate, after all. They require ample protection and care. It is up to us to preserve our youth and grace by making informed product investments.

Makeup remover wipes are ineffective at removing stubborn makeup. More importantly, they are filled with toxic chemicals. Here are some reasons to give up your beloved makeup wipes: 

  • Makeup wipes contain alcohol and toxic, synthetic chemicals
  • Makeup wipes are made of fabric that contains strong preservatives
  • The fabric of makeup wipes can create tears on the skin causing skin hypersensitivity
  • The rough texture of makeup wipes pulls at our skin, especially around the eyes, destroying the skin’s elasticity
  • Makeup wipes account for tons of waste in landfills every year
  • Most makeup wipes don’t contain ingredients that can break down all your face oils, makeup, and debris on your skin,
  • Most makeup wipes don’t contain quality ingredients that benefit our skin needs.

The rise in awareness of the detrimental effects of makeup wipes has sparked a transition to cleansing oils. The trend now is to use Cleansing oil instead, particularly in the organic skincare industry.

What is cleansing oil?

Cleansing oil integrates both oil-based and water-based formulas into one makeup remover routine to remove stubborn dirt completely through a trending method called the double cleansing method. This method is sure to remove all traces of makeup and sunscreen at the end of the day without clogging your skin.

What is a good, organic cleansing oil to try?

 Oui Organique offers great options for cleansing oils you'll love! At Oui Organique, we do our part to conserve the planet and reduce our carbon footprint. Our ingredients are safely extracted from the natural environment in a way that doesn’t disturb the surrounding ecosystem. We respect scientific studies and innovation and create our organic makeup remover from sound research. Our organic makeup remover removes excess toxic chemicals and impurities (without clogging pores) as well as hydrates and exfoliates on a micro-level leaving behind new, polished, balanced, and hydrated skin that’s ready to soak up water-based cleanser. 

Our company does not use any parabens, sulfates, or petroleum, and we are 100% vegan and cruelty-free. Our packaging is of recycled materials at a low-energy emission. By using Oui Organique, you can save the environment and your skin at the very same time!


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