Why Natural, Non-toxic OUI ORGANIQUE MAKEUP REMOVER IS GREAT-Remove Impurities, Nourish and Heal the Skin at the Same Time.

Why Natural, Non-toxic OUI ORGANIQUE MAKEUP REMOVER IS GREAT-Remove Impurities, Nourish and Heal the Skin at the Same Time.

How do we choose make-up remover wisely?

There are thousands of makeup removers on the market, and all of them claim to be the best.

Unfortunately, beauty advertisements can be misleading, and most mainstream products contain toxins and preservatives that break down our skin’s immune system and protective barrier.

Why does our organic make-up remover stand out among the thousands of make-up removers claiming to be the best?

OUIORGANIQUE organic makeup remover is made with 100% botanical ingredients. The toxic-free formula removes stubborn impurities right away and heals the skin at the same time.

At OuiOrganique, you don't have to expose any toxic chemicals to remove poisons and impurities.

At OuiOrganique, sustainable skincare is our passion. We care deeply about our customers, and we’re happy to offer them a professional-standard product that thoroughly cleanses while drastically improving long-term skin health. You can rest assured that we don’t cut any corners.

Our unique formula is packed to the brim with holistic medicine that your skin will love. Each gift of nature targets a different skin concern. This isn’t a regular makeup remover; after melting away the day’s cosmetics with OuiOrganique, your skin will showcase a noticeable glow.

One or a few plant ingredients for a product is not good enough for well-played botanic functionality to benefit your skin.

What is more important is how the products are formulated and how ingredient compatible they are.

We use refined olive oil as our oil base, along with many other plant extract ingredients in our double-cleansing method to take away impurities. (For more information about the double cleansing method, click here.)

All ingredients are ethically sourced and USDA certified organic from the finest elements on Earth. On top of that, we double-check every product batch for quality assurance before it leaves our facilities.

Most importantly, our multi-functional makeup remover is certified organic, which means 95% of the ingredients inside our bottles are organic and made with natural plant extracts (not just water) to provide rich benefits to the skin while delivering intense moisture and expelling all traces of makeup. Our formula is inspired by the latest science in skincare technology.

Oui Organique is USDA-certified organic and free from parabens, sulfates, petroleum, fragrances, and dyes. All oils are cold-pressed, so they retain their full strength of benefits to protect your skin from toxins and strengthen inner health.